Welcome to the University of Tennessee Center for Sport, Peace, and Society Global Disability Rights Advocacy Project. We’re proud to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act by highlighting the importance of inclusion, here in Tennessee and across the world.

We hope these resources, like our one-of-a-kind, interactive global map that showcases laws that protect the rights of persons with disabilities worldwide, will help you become even better champion changemakers on your team, in your school, at your workplace, and in your community. And, we’d love to hear how you’re doing. Send us a message by clicking the button below!

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Disability-rights Advocates Team Up To Make Inclusion A Priority In Peru

Peppermint scented pain-relief balm filled the morning air while runners conversed and stretched one final time in the Plaza de Armas, a busy and vibrant space in the heart of the city. It was race day in Lima, Peru. For Alejandra Larrain, CEO of Peru Runners, the largest running entity in the country and coordinator of the event, it was similar to dozens of [...]

Powerful Bond Helps Ignite Opportunities For Women With Disabilities In The UAE

The vibrancy in the gym was palpable. Laughter and shouts of encouragement filled the air as women flipped tires, waved battle ropes, and worked together at Al Thiqah Club, the place Klaithem Almatrooshi built. Four months prior, this same gym sat empty. Like many other countries in the region, in Sharjah—the third largest city in the United Arab Emirates—women and girls with disabilities face [...]

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